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Julian Ybarra, Journalist
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(Tucson, Arizona – April 24, 2017) Getting the right assistance and support 911, Accident, Airport, America, American, Americans, Arizona, Arizonans, Art, Boot, Boots, Brave, Bravest, Bronze, Cast, Child, Civilian, Civilians, Clay, Crash, Crisis, Custom, Department, Departments, Design, Detailed, Disaster, Disasters, Eagle, Emergencies, Emergency, EMT, Fiberglass, Figure, Figures, Figurine, Figurines, Fire, Firefighter, Firefighters, Firehouse, Firehouses, Fires, Firetruck, Firetrucks, First, Giant, Gift, Hazmat, Helmet, Helmets, Historic, History, Honor, Honors, Hose, Hoses, Indoor, Large, Leather, Life, Lifesize, Loved Ones, Loyalty, Management, Medical, Medium, Memorial, Memorials, Mini, Miniature, Miniatures, Monument, Monuments, Natural Disaster, NFPA, Nozzle, Nozzles, Officer, Officers, Olesniewicz, Outdoor, Paramedic, Paramedics, PASS, Patina, Paul, Phoenix, Police, Proud, Rescue, Rescues, Responder, Responders, Response, Retired, Sacrifice, SCBA, Sculpture, Sculptures, Service, Services, Shield, Shields, Size, Small, Southwest, Statue, Statues, Touching, Trauma, Traumas, Tribute, Truck, Trucks, Tucsonis often difficult to find. Fallen firefighters and their families typically have plenty of assistance from fellow associates and local and national programs, they just need to know where to look. While some programs offer support groups and grievance counseling there are some that offer financial support.

The Professional Firefighters of Arizona has a Benevolent Fund that was created to provide aid to firefighters, their families and others in need. The Benevolent Fund is a registered charity with the Secretary of State and exists as a nonprofit corporation. Tuition waivers for children can also be found online at Arizona Fallen Firefighter Memorial.

Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

  • Benevolent Fund information click here

Arizona Fallen Firefighter Memorial

  • AFFM Tuition Waiver information click here

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is a full dedicated service to help families in a wide variety of ways. If joined as a member of the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, offers a wide variety of programs to help grieving families of their lost ones including Line-of-Duty Death Benefits and children’s scholarship aide. The International Association of Firefighters offers a scholarship programs called the W.H. Howie McClennan Scholarship Fund to children of their deceased parent.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

  • NFFF Family Resources information click here

Volunteer Firefighter Alliance

  • Line-of-Duty Death Benefits information click here
  • Childrens Scholarship information click here
  • VFA children’s scholarship application PDF

International Association of Firefighters

  • Scholarship rules and information click here
  • IAFF children’s scholarship application PDF
Julian Ybarra
Julian Ybarra is a journalist and media expert from Tucson, Arizona.
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