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Our life-size sculptures have been installed across the U.S., recognizing our courageous firefighters with the presence of a bronze memorial. These memorials are a strong symbol of strength and provide community spaces to bring it’s members together. For specifics on each of our sculptures, click below on the sculpture you’re interested in. Remember, we always offer a free consultation prior to ordering!


Fallen Hero, Life Size

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Fallen Hero, 2/3 Life Size

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Ultimate Sacrifice

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Last Alarm, Life Size

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Last Alarm, 2/3 Life Size

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Laying It On The Line

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“We Remember”

NEW! Now available for military, wildland, and structural fire fighters alike. Looking for a customized version? Scroll to our custom gallery below! 


We Remember – Structural 

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We Remember – Military

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We Remember – Wildland

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We work with all types of organizations to get them the sculpture that will be the most meaningful. Check out some of the great customized bronze sculpture work we’ve done for memorials across the United States.

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