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Julian Ybarra, Journalist
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(Tucson, Arizona – May 9, 2017) Paul Olesniewicz, CEO/Artist of 9-1-1 Sculpture, he has spent 32 years serving as a firefighter all over Arizona, 27 of which in Tucson. After his service as a firefighter he returned to sculpting. Thinking about how to mix his love for sculpting and his dedication to his fellow firefighters Paul decided to create his own niche specifically for firefighter memorials, and their families. When choosing where to purchase bronze sculptures there are a few companies that pop up like The Large Art Company, Big Statues, or Bronzeman. Don’t just take our word for it, check out that fabulous artistry of bronze foundries across the United States.

 The Large Art Company

The Large Art Company  have a wide variety of life like children, people and animals. I think one of their greatest qualities is how many classics they have in their collection. There are many different genres of history such as art deco, south-western, Auguste Rodin statues, and the greek classics. The large Art Company is located in Baltimore, Maryland where many of their statues for purchase resides in their Victorian home gallery.

Big Statues

Matt Glenn is the artist behind Big Statues, his company is located in Provo, Utah. In Glenn’s gallery you can find a strong presence of american history. Most of Glenn’s bronze sculptures are of veterans, first responders, and historical figures like president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mahatma Ghandi, and Jimi Jamison. The F.D.R. statue can be found right here in Fountain Hills, Arizona.


Located in Los Angeles, California, the Bronzeman is an art dealer that houses several different categories including children, wildlife, eagles, figurative, fountains, marine life and western. Under their company umbrella are several bronze foundries that enables them to reach a wide variety of customers.

For more information on Paul Olesniewicz to go 9-1-1 Sculpture.com

Julian Ybarra
Julian Ybarra is a journalist and media expert from Tucson, Arizona.
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