How do I attach my outdoor bronze statue to a pedestal or base?

Carefully place the statue on its pedestal or base and position it in its final location, taking care not to scratch the pedestal. When moving the sculpture remove all watches, rings and jewelry that might scratch the statues finish or patina. Belt buckles and pant rivets may also scratch the statues surface. If using mechanical lifts or cranes to move the statue make sure to use soft straps and padding to insure that the statue does not get scratched.

Use pieces of masking tape at all four corners to mark the location of the statue’s bronze base. Remove the statue. Using the tape as index marks, align the mounting template and secure it to the pedestal with masking tape. Mark the centers of the threaded rods indicated on the template. Remove the template and drill the holes in the pedestal with the appropriate size masonry drill bit, normally one size larger diameter than the diameter of the mounting rod. Drill the holes to a depth at least 3/4 inch deeper than the length of the threaded rods. Clean all holes of all dust and debris with compressed air. Lay the statue on its back on a movers blanket or piece of carpet being careful not to scratch the patina. For large statues lift the statue using a fork lift or crane. Screw the threaded rods into the nuts on the bottom of the sculpture. Place the statue with the threaded rods attached into the holes in the pedestal. Check that the statue sits all the way down on the pedestal and aligns with the tape index marks and is positioned properly. Remove the statue and fill the holes in the pedestal with epoxy about 2/3 of the way to the top. Set the statue back into the holes and quickly make any minor adjustments needed. Remove the masking tape.The epoxy will set in about 15 to 20 minutes as indicated on the epoxy instructions. The statue is now permanently attached to the pedestal.

Please read and follow all directions found on the mounting epoxy tube.

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