How do I maintain my bronze sculpture?

Materials and supplies

  1. Paint brush with the metal ferrule taped to avoid scratching the patina.
  2. Paste wax; Treewax clear, Johnson’s Paste Wax
  3. Clean, soft cotton cloths or rags.
  4. Non metallic bucket, (plastic or rubber) filled with warm, clean water.
  5. Non-ionic or neutral PH soap, such as Orvus. Orvus can be found in pet and feed stores as it is used to bath horses. You may also use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.
  6. Plastic or wood handled soft bristle, scrub brush and/or sponge.
  7. Clean rinse water.

To maintain the appearance and longevity of your sculpture it should be cleaned and waxed once or preferably twice a year. It is best to pick a warm, clear day. First, rinse off the sculpture with water. Then mix 3 gallons of warm water, in a plastic bucket with Orvus cleaner at the ratio of 1 once of Orvus to 3 gallon of water. Start at the top using a soft bristled, plastic or wood handled scrub brush and/or sponge to clean all the surfaces. Rinse the statue well. Using a clean, dry towel, blot off all the remaining water and let the sculpture dry in the sun. It is very important that the statue is completely dry and warm before applying wax to the bronze.When the bronze is dry and warm to the touch, it is ready to have the paste wax applied. Using a paint brush, with its’ metal ferrule taped, apply a light coat of wax to the entire statue. Let the wax dry for 15 to 20 minutes and then buff using a clean, dry, lint free, cotton cloth. A second coat of wax can applied.Never use any chemicals, cleaning solutions, tarnish removers, Brasso, furniture polishes/oils or abrasive cleaning pads on your bronze sculpture. Avoid exposing the sculpture to sprinklers, fertilizer spray, pesticides, ammonia and chlorine.With proper maintenance the patina will slowly mellow and deepen. This is considered very desirable and part of the appeal of owing a bronze work of art.

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