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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does bronze sculpture cost so much?

Unlike plaster or cold cast bronzes, (plastic with the addition of bronze powder sometimes called bonded bronze) true bronze statues have survived for thousands of years. Bronze statues can be handed down from generation to generation. The process of creating and casting a bronze sculpture takes many weeks or months to complete. It takes the combined talent and skill of the artist and foundry worker to produce the final work of art. I hope you will agree that the final product is well worth the time and effort.

The Art Bronze Foundry explains how to identify a quality bronze sculpture – which you’re guaranteed to get with 911 Sculpture! Watch the video here

What type of payments do you accept?

Deposits and payments are accepted by check, written to 911 Sculpture, LLC. In most cases, 50% deposit is required, unless there is a financial need. Please contact us for more information.

How are your sculptures priced? What’s included?

The bronze sculptures produced are typically funded privately (by family members), stations (police or fire), communities, and even non-profit foundations.

Sculpture pricing varies based on size, purpose (I.e., handheld/small or lifesize), and whether an existing cast sculpture is simply personalized (limited custom work using a template we already have) or the sculpture is entirely custom designed. It is very important that you share your ideas and plans with our sculptor so he can guide you through the best decision for your budget, timeline, and other design requirements.

Pricing includes the shop time (foundry), rubber for moulds, wax, and other consumable material products. Shipping is paid for separately. Installation for memorials/monuments is not included, however, we do provide some consultation on best practices.

Does the cost of bronze impact your pricing?

Bronze pricing is known to fluctuate and sometimes this must be taken into consideration by our sculptor as well. We always notify you if there’s any unusual pricing, but this is rare.